Chloe Irrigation Platform Features

With Chloe you get optimised irrigation for your plants, no matter where they are located. Using our powerful A.I. algorith, we transform data into valuable information about your plants, to help them grow, while minimising water waste and cost.

Personalised Solutions

Solutions ranging from your garden, all the way to specialized greenhouse applications.

Minimising Water Waste

Chloe uses forecast as well as field data, providing you with the best schedule to minimize water usage.

Better Plant Health

Ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth and increased crop yield. More than 100 types of crops are compatible.

About Us

A.I. powered platform that offers personalized and optimised irrigation scheduling, making the most out of your data. Can be integrated into existing platforms or function as a standalone solution.We strive for a better future with less water waste and increased crop yield.

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